About Rowlett Productions

Madi Pontikes 011Rowlett Productions was founded by Fred and Jan Rowlett, fitness gurus with a passion for 100% natural bodybuilding. Jan Rowlett has been a lifetime natural bodybuilder. She is an International Federation of Physique Athletes, (IFPA) Professional Bodybuilder. Jan has been competing for over 13 years and has placed in numerous categories in various premier bodybuilding competitions. She is also the recipient of the Vic Bosch Award, 2005. She has a master’s degree in anesthesia and is a certified registered nurse, anesthesiologist. Fred is the president of the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation, (NANBF) and the Co-Chairmen of the International Fitness and Physique Association, (IFPA). Fred believes strongly in drug-free athletics and drug tested events. His goal is to promote natural drug tested events throughout the U.S. and abroad.

With over 10+ years of promoting bodybuilding events and numerous years of training in nutrition, fitness, physique sculpting, and pro competition, Team Rowlett has you covered. Contact Fred and see how Team Rowlett and Rowlett Productions can help build a better you. Fred and Jan own a fitness studio, Laser Sharp Fitness. In their state of the art facility, nestled away in the heart of Leawood, Kansas, Team Rowlett can develop a regiment just right for you. Give us a call, send an email, or just stop by the studio, Laser Sharp Fitness, for your opportunity to meet Fred and Jan in person.